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Script Name: BSW Mathematical Tools257 Downloads
Hide/showThis script is a mathematics script written in PHP code. with it you can find the roots of nonlinear equations by three methods also you can interpolate a data up to second order
Submitted by: admin
Script Name: BSW Photo Gallery v1222 Downloads
Hide/showThis is a very simple photo gallery which is written in PHP code You need a MySql database and table with name gallery. to inastall this script just follow the following: 1- fill the file config.php with the the information of your database name and database user and the password 2-run install.php to create the table gallery in your database. We hope that you enjoy with this script and let us know your openion.
Submitted by: admin
Script Name: BSW Site Builder213 Downloads
Hide/showThis script can build for you a dynamic web site with more facilities
Submitted by: abdelwahab
Script Name: Mail form with attachment212 Downloads
Hide/showThis mail form can send mail with attachment just fill config.php with the needed information and go ahead
Submitted by: abdelwahab
Script Name: BSW message board v1.2180 Downloads
Hide/showThis is an earlier vesionof BSW message board. It is a very nice to make a web discussion page withoud the needs of MySql database
Submitted by: abdelwahab
Script Name: BSW Message Board V 255 Downloads
Hide/showThis message board is based on PHP script only and does not need any database. Just download it then unpacke the compressed file then upload it to your server after filling the config.php
Submitted by: AbdelWahab